Memphis Lafferty

We have had an unbelievable week at CRCS! We had the pleasure of hosting Memphis Lafferty and his father Chris Lafferty at CRCS outdoors, and Cuba Rushford central school. Memphis was the keynote speaker for a Middle-High school event this week where he shared his unique outlook and experiences with our students. The trip culminated in Memphis being able to harvest an outstanding bison with a single shot on film for CRCS outdoors. We are so thankful and proud that he and his dad chose to spend time with us this week as they have a busy and eventful schedule. Thank you to Memphis and Chris for this wonderful experience! Thank you to Tom Washburn, Jeff Goodyear and family, Maple Ridge Bison Ranch, Randy Cupp, Scott McClure, KA-BAR knives, Whitetail Country, and the CRCS community for all of your efforts in making this trip so incredible. We hope for more opportunities like this in the future! #CRCSOUTDOORS