Deer Research Center LiveCam

This video was recorded at the beginning of the 2019 Rut.   It has scenting activity on 11.8.2019.  This was able to be done with the CRCS Outdoors LiveCam, a student project in the Deer Research Center.

This 5 min video is an example of how the infrared LiveCam works when it is dark.  It is captured shortly before dawn observing deer at the feeder in the Cuba Rushford Deer Research Facility.

This video was prepared for the CA BOCES Technology Coordinators and Integrators Forum.  It is part of a presentation given 11.14.2019.  The presentation was about the student project that made our LiveCam video feed to our CRCS Outdoors website from our Deer Research Center.  The folks at CA BOCES were an essential partner to make this a success.

Early Season Whitetails

This is Episode 2 part 1 of CRCS Outdoors, Early Season Whitetails.


This is an early episode of CRCS Outdoors, Hellbenders.