Board Goals

Cuba-Rushford Board of Education Vision Statement/Goals

The Cuba-Rushford Board of Education, in collaboration with the Superintendent and guided by the Strategic Plan, provides leadership and sets high standards for itself and the district. The Board effectively communicates with, values input from, and provides informative feedback to all constituencies.   The Board ensures the delivery of a quality educational program through the responsible use of the district’s human and fiscal resources. The Board makes decisions based on fact and information.   We are sensitive to, and appreciative of, each other’s organizational roles, responsibilities, and contributions. We are innovative, challenging and caring. We take responsibility for what we say and do, especially as it affects other people. We treat people fairly. We are forgiving, and we support each other in learning the lessons available from our successes and from our failures. We focus on achieving our organizational aspirations through our best individual and collective efforts. In so doing, we honor the positive contributions we each make toward achieving our district’s vision of becoming a regional model of excellence.

 The Board takes advantage of professional development activities and is an active advocate for public education.

 We will continue to demonstrate support and appreciation to Cuba-Rushford staff.