big fish

The Cuba-Rushford Drama Club performed three performances of Big Fish School Edition over the weekend of March 22-24. This wonderful musical celebrating the magic of life packed the auditorium bringing joy to our community. Sixty student actors, musicians, and artisans worked for three months to bring this performance to life. We were adjudicated by the Theater Association of New York State (, and received seven awards.

• Meritorious Achievement in Performance to the Cast

• Meritorious Achievement in Acting to Madison Morehouse for the portrayal of Sandra Bloom

• Meritorious Achievement in Costume Design and Execution to Crystal Wight and Tina Zalar

• Excellence in Scenic Design and Execution to Mark Levine

• Excellence in Projection Design and Execution to Alanna Beck and Maya Amico-Booman

• Excellence in Direction to Monica Kwiatkowski

• Meritorious Achievement in Musical Performance to Haley Emhof and the Orchestra